Kidmah's forklifts


About the company:

Kidmah handling Equipment (1971) company, is the leading company in Israel for importing and marketing of electric and diesel powered forklifts for all kinds .

Our products provide the perfect solution for all the logistic, transportation and consignment needs in many sectors such as food and drinks, industrial and consumer products, retail chains, logistics and agriculture.

Our large variety include: counterbalance electric forklifts, warehouse forklifts including VNA, high and low Order Pickers, electric pallet trucks, diesel counterbalance forklift for all purpose and related surrounding and complementary equipment.

Our variety of products, satisfy all kinds of needs and requirements in logistics, storage and delivery.

Kidmah's Timeline:

The company was established in 1938 as Kidmah ltd.
It's original location was the center of Tel Aviv.

Until 1948 the company engaged in fixing agricultural and dirt equipment.
During the War of Independence (1948) the company built armored vehicles which the army (IDF) used to break the siege on Jerusalem.

In 1966 the company obtained an exclusive license to market "Lansing forklifts" in Israel.

In 1971, Mr. Dan Levy, son of the establisher of Kidmah, was appointed as the CEO and main shareholder of the company which changed its name to
Kidmah Forklifts (1971) ltd.

In 1983 the company moved to its present location in Rishon Le Zion.

In 1990 the company obtained an exclusive license to market "Still forklifts" in Israel after still incorporated the Lansing company.

In 1999 the company obtained the license to import "Nissan forklifts" to Israel.

Since 1997, Kidma has been the leading company in Israel of sales of new forklifts trucks according to the Ministry of Transport.

Kidmah Today:

The company's main activity is sales, renting and maintenance of electric and diesel forklifts.

In addition sales of accompanying equipment such as Electric battery, fork position, Bale clump etc.

Kidmah located in the "new industrial area" of Rishon Le Zion in an area of 6,000 square meters and employs 120 workers.

The company has a central garage which is able to do all the different maintenance, repairs and adjustments needed by all the forklifts.

The company has a lineup of 45 mobile service technicians who are capable of providing solutions for all the requirements of forklifts all over the country.

In addition Kidmah has a large spare parts warehouse with a variety of more than 20,000 different parts for all our equipment.

Kidmah is well known for its excellent high quality service.

The company provides immediate solutions as of replacement of forklifts how has technical problems immediate supplying of forklift to renting fixing electric problems in the costumer warehouse and many more.

Kidmah have hundreds of clients, and it is an authorized provider of the Ministry of Defense to whom we give continuous fleet maintenance for forklifts purchased by the IDF.